Graham Placement Agency

Liz Graham, RDH

I started working with my dad as a dental assistant when I was 11 years old and knew very quickly that I want to attend the University of Michigan School of Dental Hygiene to become a RDH. Very goal oriented, I did just that. I graduated in 1973 and moved to Bern, Switzerland to practice hygiene for 3 ½ years. I then returned to my hometown of Harbor Springs to practice with my dad. Then, in 1981 travel lust moved me to California where I practiced in periodontal and general offices until 1985 when I founded Graham Placement Agency, a placement service specialized for Dental Hygienists and Dentists, what I know best.

Meeting my goals for personal empowerment and supporting the dental field with choices for employment opportunities has been most meaningful for me. I am enriched from connecting with other professionals, employment coaching and producing high-end continuing education seminars. This creates a comprehensive offering for the people I serve and meets my needs to strive for excellence. I often use jokes to have fu

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