Graham Placement Agency

Benefits of working with Graham Placement Agency:

“Temping is Tempting” if you are looking for fill-in work for extra money, as part of a permanent job search, becoming familiar with our area or are simply interested in, what Liz calls, “paid continuing ed” as you’ll learn every day you temp.

Permanent Placement: Whether you are looking for a part-time or full time position, you’ll benefit from the combination of Liz and Char’s professional coaching & placement choices.

Continuing Care Records: Quality periodontal charting to compliment your thorough care.

Top notch Continuing Education: Click on our "Upcoming Events Page" for the different seminars available. I specialize in hands-on workshops and high-end speakers.

Professional Coaching: Turning lemons into lemonade, help is here, in person or over the telephone.

Graham Placement Agency
104 Harbor Drive
Novato, CA 94945
(707) 769-8887